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Q: How should my file be set up?

A: You should submit a zip disk (100mb or less) or a CD containing files in one of the approved formats on our list on it, along with all of the fonts (the actual fonts from your hard drive, not just the names), the printer font that accompanies it, and all the images that were used when the file was created.

It is important that the images are at least 300 dpi or the pictures might print fuzzy on press.

If you do not include the fonts, you run the risk of us replacing your font with a different font with a similar name. The printer font is to insure that the computer and the plate maker print the fonts smoothly.

Q: What are my binding options?

A:Adhesive (Perfect) Binding- Glue is applied to the spine with a wrap-around cover (pocketbook-style).

Saddle Binding- Folded sheets of paper are gathered together and stapled magazine-style on the spine. This method allows the publication to open flat for ease of reading.

Side Stitching- Folded sheets, plus a cover, are laid on top of each other and stitched (i.e. stapled) on the side. When printed sheets are used, trimming is completed on three sides in a separate operation. This type of binding will produce a book that will not open flat.

Q: Are there any file formats that I should not send?

A: YES! The following are not acceptable and we cannot print from them:
1. PowerPoint files
2. Microsoft Word Files
3. Corel Draw or Paint
4. Any HTML Page
5. Any Flash file
6. Any 3D program native file. If imported or placed into Freehand or Pagemaker, etc. then it can be printed.
7. Appleworks
8. Any Quicktime or Multimedia Movie file
9. Director files
10. NotePad or basic text editor program files.

Q: What are possible charges that might occur but not show on the original quote?

A: There should be no suprises on your final bill. Charges may occur that were not part of the original quote, but if this is going to happen, you will be informed exactly what they are for and why.

Q: Can I have something delivered somewhere other than my business or residence?

A: Absolutely! We will make sure that your job goes where you need it to. We will charge a small delivery fee though, depending on the destination and size of the job. The fee can be quoted when your job is quoted-just be sure to ask. If you are unable to pick up your job and need it delivered to your office, we can do that for you with no additional charge. (Some limitations apply, ask when requesting a quote.)

Q: Do you ship cross country?

A: We will ship anywhere that you need the job to go. We can also work with a mail house to do your mailings. When we ship your material we will make sure that we get you the best possible price and that everything is insured in case of any damage that may occur during shipping.

Q: What is overprinting?

A: Overprinting: Printing over an area that has already been printed (Double Printing). Often used in color printing in order to enhance a particular color, or contrast and distinguish a particular color from other similar colors. Usually a darker color is placed on top of a lighter one, with the exception of metallic colors which are opaque and can go over darker colors as well.

Q: If a mistake is found on my original file, can Silica fix it for me? If so, at what charge?

A: Yes, we are able to fix it for you. As long as the file fits into one of our formats for printing. The cost will be quoted to you at the time the mistake is found, and will be based on the complexity of the change. Any fees for films, press time, ink, or paper will be assessed if the error was caught after it was already on press or films have been run.
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